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Freedom 2 Stay was founded as a response to the great need of the growing new and emerging communities in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Through the range of services that we provide, we endeavour to offer these communities in the West Midlands the support that they need. Our approach is holistic and we welcome everyone that wishes to work alongside us either as a potential Board member, employee, volunteer or service user. The services we offer are of a broad nature, including assistance in day- to- day UK living with matters such as employment, benefits, education and more.
Our aim is to provide beneficiaries of all backgrounds and all ages, across the generations, with the freedom and opportunity to express and practice their unique and beautiful culture whilst simultaneously integrating well into society in the UK. We want to mobilise these communities to become active participants in ensuring the Eastern European culture and heritage is preserved and passed to our young generations here in UK. We welcome you to Freedom 2 Stay and we hope to serve you and we will do our utmost to ensure our services are tailored to your needs.